Case Studies

Social Housing Case Study

The Background

This Community Housing Association is a not-for-profit resident-led housing association
based in south London. They own and manage more than 6,000 homes in southeast London
and are now starting to build their first new homes. They were the first resident-led housing
association in London and their model empowers tenants and leaseholders to take a central
part in decision-making and become shareholding members. This housing association
support local community initiatives to improve the environment and quality of life for
everyone who lives and works in the area.

The Challenge

Being a Fleet Mobile Customer for over 13 years, and having experienced consistent growth
and change over the years, they were keen to ensure that a mobile renewal package would
give the association a bespoke cost-efficient solution that was aligned to its specific needs,
with flexibility and the support of a managed service.

The Solution

As it was the objective when tendering to cut costs, Fleet Communications have provided a
bespoke airtime package on the O2 network for not only the mobile estate but have sim
cards installed in emergency lifts and door entry solutions which have resulted in significant
cost saving over the fixed BT line solution that this replaced. Providing best advice on
specific tariffs dependant on job role and using spend caps, we have rolled out new
technology to help mobile staff work more efficiently. Monthly reviews of the tariffs and call
data ensures that the mobile estate is running on the best possible packages for both use in
the UK and when roaming abroad and changes are made accordingly. All day to day
network and user queries are handled by our administration team, who understand this
housing associations needs and act swiftly and efficiently to make updates to the account
and resolve any issues.

The results

The first 12 months of this contract achieved notable savings, which were reflected in the
monthly airtime invoices, as well as a marked improvement in staff mobile working. We
continue to provide ongoing account management, as well as technical and billing support
for users and handle repairs (both warranty and non-warranty) in our service centre. Fleet
Mobile ensure this customer is kept updated with the latest technology and consult and
advise on special projects and have also become involved in the housing association
community with donations and volunteering at workshops to improve older resident’s
confidence getting online.

This is an organisation that believe in using all the technologies available to them and enjoy
the onsite technical support days we provide to both their staff and their housing tenants,
which is an ongoing project to help to local community.